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LockMaster Electric Sliding Gate Opener 1500KG Automatic Motor Remote


Key Features

  • Midway mode for flexible gate operation
  • Quick direction selection for gate control
  • Secure rolling code technology
  • Emergency release during power outages
  • Obstruction detection for safety
  • Adjustable auto-close feature
  • Maximum Motor Running Time for protection
  • Easy electromagnetism limit adjustment
  • Accessory compatibility
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance



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Lockmaster Electric Sliding Gate Opener 1500KG Automatic Motor Remote

The Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Opener offers high-grade performance for large, heavy-duty sliding gates that weigh up to 3400 lbs. and extend to 40 feet in length. The powerhouse behind this efficient performance is a robust 3/4 HP 550W AC motor. Designed with pure-copper wire, this motor ensures superior performance and longevity with reduced maintenance requirements. Its enhanced start force and pulling force make it an ideal choice for weighty and large gates.

The safety and protection features of the TOPENS RK1200 are designed to promote smooth operation and user peace of mind. It offers an adjustable self-close time, allowing users to program the closing of the gate according to their needs. The stall force is also adjustable, offering flexibility in response to the varying weights and sizes of different gates.

The product also includes a max motor running time feature to prevent the motor from overheating or overworking, thereby enhancing the device’s lifespan. The microchip rolling code technology for remote keys assures a secure and reliable connection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

In summary, the TOPENS RK1200 Sliding Gate Opener is a reliable, robust, and highly functional tool that’s perfect for managing large, heavy-duty sliding gates with utmost convenience and safety.

How to Power This Gate Opener?

  • Lockmaster Automatic Gate Opener is ONLY powered by AC 120-2400V electricity.
  • The power supply cord is NOT included. The power supply cord should be at least 3C×18AWG (3×0.75mm2). Connect the live wire and neutral wire to the “L” (1#) and “N” (3#) terminal respectively; and connect the earth wire to (2#) terminal.
  • TOPENS DSR600S/DSC600 and DK/DKC Series Sliding Gate Openers are recommended if you want to power your gate by batteries and solar system.
  • The tiny CR2025 3V button cell batteries that come with the package are ONLY for the remote control.


  • The gear rack (rail) is REQUIRED BUT NOT included.
  • Plastic rack reinforced with steel is compatible. TOPENS Original RNH4 Heavy Duty Nylon Gear Rack is available online on request.
  • Galvanized Steel Gear Rack is compatible. TOPENS Original SR02 Heavy Duty Steel Gear Rack is available online on request.
  • Keep the rack from any debris to ensure the smooth operation of the motor.

RK1200 Specifications & Package Contents

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Brand Name
Power supply
Max. Gate Weight
Motor Power
Limit switch
Magnet Limit Switch
Control Mode
Remote, Mobile, Keypad
Open(close) speed
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Working temperature
-25°C to +45°C

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