Smart Video Door Phone, 10 Inch, Connects With Your Smart Specs App, SD Card, Motion Sensor etc


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Support iOS & Android smart phone
♦ Device to device in TCP/IP protocol, device to smart phone in SIP protocol
♦ Digital system, CAT5 Network cable connection
♦ Duplex communication
♦ 1.0MP Camera
♦ Support intercom between monitors
♦ The call will transfer to smart phone if no one answer the call within 30s from monitor
♦ Leave message feature
♦ 8 security zones alarm (support connecting smoke detector…etc)

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15 in stock

Smart Video Door Phone, 10 Inch, Connects With Your Smart Specs App, SD Card

The IP Video Door Phone for Homes  connects with your smart phones and tablets, via Smart Specs. WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection, answer and view a caller at your door remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device, whether you are at home or abroad.

You can watch, hear and speak to the person at your door with your smart phones or tablets, snap a picture or record a video stream directly to your device at anytime and anywhere. 2-ways live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from your mobile device, even without a press of the bell button at the door station.

Integrated  relay can trigger a remote door lock or gate, unlock door with IOS/Android devices (Iphone, Ipad and other smart phones), no matter where you are and what you are doing, you could always monitor your front yard and control your door security, the outdoor device could work with all different electric door locks or electric door strikers

Anti-vandal and durable, Built-in HD camera, Build-in speakers & Microphone, Snap & record, night vision, 130 degree wide viewing angle with no optical distortion. It is ideal for viewing details at longer distances, user programmable motion detection and mobile alerts, send email, snapshot(s), text messages, or video files to your devices, triggered by customizable motion detection and/or with a push of the bell button

Digital sip video door phone intercom system for villa with free App
IP Video Door Phone
Why Choose Bcomtech SIP Apartment Video Intercom System?
  1. Support iOS & Android smart phone
  2. Device to device in TCP/IP protocol, device to smart phone in SIP protocol
  3. Digital system, CAT5 Network cable connection
  4. Duplex communication
  5. 1.0MP Camera
  6. Support intercom between monitors
  7. The call will transfer to smart phone if no one answer the call within 30s from monitor
  8.  Leave message feature
  9. 8 security zones alarm (support connecting smoke detector…etc)
Never Miss a Visitor
This SIP apartment video door phone system lets you answer your door by smartphone from anywhere. There is a built-in HD camera in the outdoor with night vision function, providing a clear view from your front door day and night.
How to get the remote view
Indoor Monitor

1. Digital system, use CAT5 network cable
2. Monitor nobody receive call within 30s, the call will transfer to smart phone; or visitor leave a message for 40s transfer to smart phone
3. Duplex communication
4. Same flat or different flat support monitor call monitor
5. PC port work as administrate machine, call for any monitor
6. 8 smart home security zone
7. Machine to machine use TCP/IP protocol, machine to smart phone use SIP protocol
8. Support setting un-lock time, suitable for different electronic lock
9. Max. support 3 smart phone to unlock the door account (never miss your call)
Outdoor Call Panel
10. Wide angle camera
11. Rust-proof anti vandal panel
12. IR LED offset lighting can obtain better evening viewing
13. Unique waterproof IP53, dustproof, anti-thunderstorm design
14. Call indoor monitor, video intercom
15. Special design rubber for waterproof

IP Video Door Phone
IP Video Door Phone

How do Download Our APP

Step 1. Visit iOS or Google App store and download Smart Specs App

Step 2. Make sure you locate Smart Specs logo as below on the store as below

Step 3. Make sure to run the install the App

Step 4. Creat and Account using your email or phone number

Step 5. A code will be gernerated for you.

Wifi Smart Socket

Smart Specs, smart life, smart living
1. Remote control: control home appliances anywhere
2. Simultaneously control: control multiple devices with one app
3. Timer: set timer to perform multiple functions
4. Device sharing: one tap to share devices with family members
5. Easy connection: easily and quickly connect app to devices




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Model 87709TM-D Model 87202
Monitor 7″ TFT touch screen Camera Sensor 4.3 inch
Resolution 800(H)*3(RGB)*480(V) Dimension 366mm*140mm*41mm
Connect Mode CAT5 network cable Camera Sensor 1.0MP
Intercom Mode Duplex communication View Angle 90º
Leave Message Time 30s/60s/90s optional LEDs For Night LED IR LEDs(120º)
Conversation Duration Max.180s Connection

CAT5 network cable

Ringtone Definition Power Consumption 200mA Max.
Power consumption 400mA max. Accessory Embedded box
Power Supply External power DC12V Operation Temp -40℃ +50℃
Operation Temp -40℃ +50℃ Istallation Surface mount
Memory Support max. 32GB SD card Waterproof Rate IP 53
Istallation Surface mount Istallation Surface mount