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DC 12V 150kg/330lb Magnetic Door Lock


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How Electro Magnetic Door Lock Works?

Electro Magnetic Door Lock solutions for buildings use is for stopping unauthorized people from gaining access into specific areas. Those who need to gain entry into these areas must have  permission to go in. A  form of Identification will be needed to alert the access door entry system. This will send  signal to unlock the door for authorized access. These locks when install on fail-safe doors as well as fail-secure ones. However, they’re more often used in fail-safe doors.

Fail Safe Door

On the fail-safe door, the armature plate and magnetic door lock mechanism lock together when an electrical current passes through them. When the electrical current is interrupted, the lock will become disengaged until the power flows through the locking device again. A door access control system will send the signal to interrupt the current, so the door can be opened for a moment while a person passes through. When the door closes, door entry systems will allow the current to flow again, and the lock will engage.

For the fail-secure door lock, electricity is applied through the lock to keep it unlocked. This energizes the mechanism, so when the power goes out, for whatever reason, the door would then lock. You’ll see this in specific entryways used for fire prevention and to keep people from getting in. When electricity comes back on, the door will then unlock.

Magnetic Door Lock Installation is easy- These locks don’t have any bolt to extend and lock into a strike plate. You simply install the armature plate on the door, and the magnet mechanism on the door frame, and attach the electrical wiring to power the magnetic lock. Whatever access door entry systems you use will also have to connect to the lock, so it can send the signals to unlock the

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