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Grandstream GWN7811P 8-Port Gigabit Enterprise Layer 3 Managed PoE Network Switch


Grandstream GWN7811P Key Features:

Key Features

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 10Gigabit SFP+ ports
  • Smart power control to support dynamic PoE/PoE+ power allocation
  • Supports deployment in IPv6 and IPv4 networks

Guide & Datasheet (PDF)


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Grandstream GWN7811P 8-Port Gigabit Enterprise Layer 3 Managed PoE Network Switch

The Grandstream GWN7810 series presents a robust selection of Layer 3 managed network switches tailored for medium-to-large enterprises. These switches are meticulously designed to enable the creation of scalable, secure, high-performance, and intelligent business networks, providing comprehensive management capabilities for seamless control and optimization.

Key Features and Benefits of Grandstream GWN7811P

  • Scalability and Performance: With the GWN7810 series, medium-to-large enterprises gain access to advanced Layer 3 capabilities, providing the foundation for building expansive and high-performing networks to meet evolving demands.
  • Advanced Traffic Segmentation: These switches support advanced VLAN functionality, empowering network administrators to implement flexible and sophisticated traffic segmentation strategies. This capability optimizes network resources and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Prioritized Network Traffic: Leveraging advanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, the GWN7810 series prioritizes critical network traffic, ensuring smooth performance for essential applications and services critical to business operations.
  • Network Performance Optimization: Integrated IGMP/MLD Snooping technology optimizes network performance by efficiently managing multicast traffic. This enhancement ensures seamless user experiences for multimedia applications and streaming services.
  • Comprehensive Security: The GWN7810 series boasts robust security features, including ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, DoS protection, port security, and DHCP snooping, safeguarding the network infrastructure against potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Smart Power Management: PoE models within the series offer dynamic PoE output, facilitating efficient power allocation to powered devices across the network. This capability streamlines deployment and operation of IP Phones, IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and other PoE endpoints.
  • Versatile Deployment Options: These switches support deployment in both IPv6 and IPv4 networks, ensuring compatibility with existing and future network infrastructures. This versatility facilitates seamless transitions to next-generation networking technologies.
  • Efficient Management Interfaces: Administrators can manage the GWN7810 series switches through intuitive local Web user interfaces and command-line interfaces (CLI). Additionally, support is extended through Grandstream’s cloud-based management platforms, GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager, offering centralized oversight and administration.
  • Built-in QoS: Incorporating built-in QoS functionality, the GWN7810 series allows for the prioritization of network traffic based on predefined rules. This feature ensures optimal performance for critical applications and services, enhancing the overall user experience.

In summary, the Grandstream GWN7810 series stands as a premier choice for medium-to-large businesses seeking reliable, scalable, and intelligently managed network solutions. With its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced security measures, it serves as the cornerstone of modern business networks, empowering organizations to achieve their networking objectives with confidence.

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Grandstream GWN7811P Technical Specifications

Network Protocol

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • IEEE 802.3
  • IEEE 802.3i
  • IEEE 802.3u
  • IEEE 802.3ab
  • IEEE 802.3z
  • IEEE 802.3ae
  • IEEE 802.3x
  • IEEE 802.3af/at/bt
  • IEEE 802.1p
  • IEEE 802.1Q
  • IEEE 802.1w
  • IEEE 802.1d
  • IEEE 802.1s
  • IEEE 802.3az
  • IEEE 802.3ad
  • IEEE 802.3AB
  • IEEE 802.1p
  • IEEE 802.1D
  • IEEE 802.1x

Gigabit Ethernet Ports

  • 8

10Gigabit SFP+ Ports

  • 2

Note: Supports DAC cable, and must be ≤ 5m

Maximum no. of Supported Modules

  • SM-10G: 2
  • MM-10G: 2
  • RJ45-10G: 2


  • 1

# of PoE Ports

  • 8

Link Aggregation

  • 5

Max Output Power per PoE Port

  • 30W

Max Total PoE Output Power

  • 120W

PoE Standards

  • IEEE 802.3af/at

Auxiliary Ports

  • 1x Reset Pinhole

Forwarding Mode

  • Store-and-forward

Total non-blocking throughput

  • 28Gbps

Switching Capability

  • 56Gbps

Forwarding Rate

  • 41.644Mpps

Packet Buffer

  • 12MB


  • 16K static, dynamic and filtering MAC addresses
  • 4K VLANs, port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, voice VLAN
  • VLAN virtual interface
  • GVRP (pending)
  • Spanning tree, 32 instances for STP/RSTP/MSTP


  • Static routing
  • Dynamic routing, including RIP, RIPng, OSPF and OSPFv3
  • Policy routing (pending)


  • IGMP Snooping
  • MLD Snooping
  • MVR (pending)


  • Port priority
  • Priority mapping
  • Queue scheduling, including SP, WRR, WFQ, SP-WRR and SP-WFQ
  • Traffic shaping
  • Rate limit
  • 2K ACL for Ethernet, IPv4 and IPv6


  • DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP Option 82, 60, 160 and 43


  • CPU and memory monitoring
  • SNMP
  • RMON
  • Backup and restore
  • Syslog
  • Diagnostics including Ping, Traceroute, port mirroring, UDLD (TBD) and copper test


  • User hierarchical management and password protection, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet
  • 802.1X authentication
  • AAA authentication including RADIUS, TACACS+
  • Storm control
  • Port isolation, port security, sticky MAC
  • Filtering MAC address
  • IP source guard, DoS attack prevention, ARP inspection
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Loop protection including BPDU protection, root protection (pending) and loopback protection (pending)
  • Kensington Security Slot (Kensington Lock) support


  • Desktop, Wall-Mount, or Rack-Mount (rack-mounting kits included)

System LEDs

  • 1x tri-color LED for device tracking and status indication

Data Transferring LEDs

  • 10x green-color LEDs

PoE Powered LEDs

  • 8x yellow-color LEDs


  • Operation: 0°C to 45°C, humidity 10-90% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Storage: -10°C to 60°C, humidity: 5% to 95% RH (Non-condensing)


  • 330mm (L) x 176mm (W) x 44mm (H)
  • 440mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 44mm (H)
  • 440mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 44mm (H)

Unit Weight

  • 2.17Kg

Package Content

  • 1x Switch
  • 1x 1.2m (10A) AC Cable
  • 1x 25cm Ground Cable
  • 4x Rubber Footpads
  • 1x Power Cord Anti-Trip
  • 8x Screws (KM 3*6)
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide
  • 1x Console Cable (Optional)
  • 2x Extended Rack-Mounting Kits


  • FCC
  • CE
  • RCM
  • IC
  • UKCA

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